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December 9, 2016
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You'll probably need to use big rollers to get the hair right. Sarandon rolled hers from ear to ear, the rollers' axes parallel to her partline and the line of rollers perpendicular to it.
  • White felt brimmed hat.
    The hat brim edge is finished with a very thin piece of felt, placed like binding tape (probably over a piece of wire that gives the brim its shape). Trimmed around the crown with a wide white ribbon of filmy fabric (chiffon?) and a multi-looped bow (5 loops?) at the back. Very hard to find; Janets who have one usually find something on eBay and modify it. "Hat forms" in the bridal section of the fabric store might work. Secure at front of head with bobby pins. Janet's is held on at the center front with what is probably a hat pin. Want this hat? Haunt vintage shops / websites / eBay and be ready to add / replace the ribbon if yours comes with one.
  • Tiny gold wire hoop earrings.
  • with
    Janet wears a white blouse (worn tucked in) under the jacket. You probably won't have time to take it off. Pull your slip up or sew a wide white strip around the base of the jacket, long enough so it stays tucked in when you raise your arms. A little white should show at the collar, too, and a little of the sleeve shows when her sleeves ride up. I recommend wearing the pink dress underneath to minimize changing time.
  • White patent plastic "box" purse.
    Collapsed at the top so it has a triangular cross section; slightly raised white oval clasp edged in silver at front bottom center. The flap with the closure on it is the same size/shape as the side of the purse. Lined in black. The strap, made of silver chain, is long enough that the purse hangs at her hip. {For a pretty good view, click here.} After this first scene, Janet carries the purse with the chain doubled up, which makes it look considerably shorter.
Leave purse behind or in front of you when Brad drops ring; pick up again before car scene.
  • Gold/diamond engagement ring.
Give ring to Brad before the show to put in his ring box.
  • White underwire pushup bra
  • White half-slip with scalloped lace trim.

  • The slip has a lace-edged triangular slit on the left.
  • White hipster undies.
    There is a little white ribbon bow above the legholes at the front of each leg. There is also scalloped lace trim (with the curved bits facing down and about three scallops) extending diagonally from the sides of the underwear to the front bottom of each leg. The best place to see this is on the DVD; this is a detail that you just can't see without a good clear freeze-frame (it goes by too fast on the big screen).
  • Pantyhose.
    Flesh-tone, sandalfoot.
  • Black satin bikini briefs under white underwear (for Floor Show)
  • Black Mary Jane shoes.
    Open sides, covered toes, instep strap, small metal buckle, and chunk heels.
  • Bouquet
    {For a very clear shot of the bouquet, click here.}
    Mostly white and pink roses, with a big pink rose in the middle. There are spikes of lily of the valley around the edges, and a few fern fronds. The bouquet uses a white bouquet form which is surrounded by white lace (with a flower and polka dot pattern) with a wide pink ribbon tied in a big bow around the handle.

Car/Rain Scene:

  • Round white plastic barrettes.
    Barettes are flat (i.e., cross-section is not round). Hard to find. Buy oval barrettes and paint with model enamel. Or glue condoms or curtain rings to snap clip metal barrettes (the kind that flex open and shut).
  • Lightweight white cardigan sweater.
    Worn unbuttoned. Extends over her hip. Buttons up the front with small round shiny 2-hole white buttons. No collar. Long sleeves cut like a sweatshirt's ("raglan sleeves"), with the cuffs rolled up. Janet wears her collar outside the sweater.
  • White Mary Jane shoes.
    Covered back and toes, but the middle of the shoe is cut low. Instep strap; chunk heel.
  • Gold script "Janet" necklace.
    Try JC Penney's. Goes in and out of stock.
  • Hershey bar (plain), Plain Dealer newspaper.

Creation Scene:

Remove barrettes on your way to the elevator.

  • White lab coat.
    The sleeves should cover your hands, and it should reach to about mid-calf. There is a pocket on the left side, which falls somewhere above Janet's waist, a front pocket on each side, and pocket-sized slits in both sideseams (think trouser pocket access). Notched lapels. See .

Pre-Bedroom Scene:

  • Long pink robe with embroidery on the back.
    Columbia throws it at you as she shows you your room. Janet puts it on as she peers at the monitors, then removes it as she gets into bed.

Bedroom Scene:

Take off your shoes. Ditch your purse. An extra wig can be fun to pull off Frank's head. Janet does not wear her robe or slip in bed.

Toucha Toucha:

You may want a second, tearaway slip. Use velcro or many small clear snaps. Tear off a horizontal strip from the vent to the middle first; then a strip most of the way from the middle to the elastic waistband.

  • 2 rags (one lace-edged) to tie as bandages on Rocky.
    Tie lace side up on Rocky's right arm above the elbow; also tie a bandage on his left hand. Use slip strips if you've velcroed your slip.

Pre-Dinner Scene:

  • If you don't do a tearaway slip you will need a second slip with the whole front and most of the back ripped off for scenes after Toucha.
    On Janet's right there are two strips that hang from the waistband-a wider one towards her hip, then a skinnier one right next to it towards her front. On Janet's left, there is a long skinny strip hanging down-it is longer than the slip.
Put white shoes back on before dinner. This is also a good time to put on fishnets and garter belt if they won't show too much.
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