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February 2, 2018

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Be advised that festival dates, times, and locations for single events will vary, depending on the event. It is recommended that you double-check the venue location when purchasing your tickets. The main weekend-long MHHFF will take place Oct. 1-4 at the Alamo Drafthouse. The Alamo Drafthouse is located in Aspen Grove, just off Santa Fe Dr north of Mineral Ave.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema 7301 S. Santa Fe Drive Littleton, CO

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In 2015

Mile High Horror

The 2015 Mile High Horror Film Festival took place October 1-4 at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Littleton, CO, hosting top-notch talent and over 90 of the best genre films from around the world.

With numerous sold out shows and a record turnout, we would like to thank all of the fans for making this year an absolute success!

View the 2015 lineup here:

2015 MHHFF Award Winners Announced!

Congratulations to all of the award winners of the 6th-annual Mile High Horror Film Festival!

Best Feature Film:

NIGHT FARE - Directed by Julien Seri

Audience Award for Best Feature Film:

THE FINAL GIRLS - Directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson

Crypt TV Best Short Film:

THE HOUSE IS INNOCENT - Directed by Nicholas Coles

Crypt TV Audience Award for Best Short Film:

SLUT - Directed by Chloe Okuno

Best Sci-fi Short:

HELIO - Directed by Teddy Cecil

Best Colorado Short Film:

IRIS - Directed by Richard Karpala

Creative Colorado Competition:

Runner up: CRAZY LOVE - Directed by D.M. Slate

1st Place: PILLS - Directed by James McLaughlin

Final Draft Best Feature Screenplay Competition:

3rd Place: THE RISING by Jeremy McCann + SE 3D by Joshua Cohen

2nd Place: HURRICANE PARTY by Ned Farr

1st Place: HOMINID by Joe Toplyn

Final Draft Best Short Screenplay Competition:

3rd Place: YE MERRY GENTLEMEN by Andrew Wassom

2nd Place: VOUDON by Stuart Creque

1st Place: DEAD SPRINT by Jason Tostevin

2015 Mile High Horror Slasher Awards:

Tobin Bell (SAW film series)


Posthumous Lifetime Achievement Awards:

Lon Chaney Sr. (1883 - 1930)

Lon Chaney Jr. (1906 - 1973)

(Accepted by Ron Chaney, the great-grandson of Lon Chaney and grandson of Lon Chaney, Jr.)

In 2014

Mile High Horror

The 2014 Mile High Horror Film Festival took place October 9-12 at the Alamo Drafthouse Denver.

Recently recognized by MovieMaker Magazine as one of the top 5 coolest horror/sci-fi film festivals in the world, our 2014 festival showcased over 80 films from 17 different countries! It hosted many sold out shows along with the best new and classic horror, thriller, and sci-fi films on the planet.

To view the 2014 film lineup, visit

2014 Special Guests:

Our 2014 guests included Tony Todd (CANDYMAN, FINAL DESTINATION), Gunnar Hansen (THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE), Julie Adams (CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON), Eduardo Sanchez + Dan Myrick (THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT), Michael Berryman (THE HILLS HAVE EYES, THE DEVIL'S REJECTS), scream queen Tiffany Shepis (SHARKNADO 2), Jonathan Tiersten (SLEEPAWAY CAMP), performance artist The Enigma (Show Devils), and Jeffrey Reddick (FINAL DESTINATION) among among many others.

2014 Awards

Audience Award for Best Feature Film - DEAD SNOW 2: RED VS. DEAD, Directed by Tommy Wirkola

Best Feature Film - HOUSEBOUND, Directed by Gerard Johnstone

Best Short Film - THE BANISHING, Directed by Erlingur Thoroddsen

Audience Award for Best Short Film - DOG FOOD, Directed by Brian Cranno

Best Colorado Short Film - M, Directed by Travis Lupher

Creative Colorado Competition Winner - THE HIGH COST OF EASY LIVING, Directed by Greg Palmer

Creative Colorado Competition Finalists - UNSEE, Directed by Lorisa Myers + DON'T PLAY WITH YOUR DINNER, Directed by D.M. Slate

Best Feature Screenplay - THE BROKEN by Jeremy McCann

Best Short Screenplay - HARD R by Eric Jaffe

In 2013

The 2013 MHHFF took place October 3-6 at the Alamo Drafthouse Denver.

The 2013 Mile High Horror Film Festival took place October 3-6 at the Alamo Drafthouse Denver.

This four-day event featured a wide variety of celebrities, filmmakers, artists, and the very best genre films from around the world with over 60 films from 16 different countries.

To view the 2013 film lineup, visit

2013 Special Guests:

Linda Blair - Linda Blair was in person for a special 40th year anniversary presentation of THE EXORCIST (1973).

Tom Savini - Horror icon Tom Savini is an actor, stuntman, director, and award-winning special effects and makeup artist. He is known for his work on NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, MACHETE, and DJANGO UNCHAINED among many other productions. We presented Mr. Savini with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his tremendous contributions to the horror genre. He also participated in a Q&A session before a special 35th anniversary screening of DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978) on the big screen.

Rowdy Roddy Piper - Actor, entertaining, and wrestling legend Rowdy Roddy Piper was in person on Sunday, October 6th for a special 25th anniversary presentation of John Carpenter's, THEY LIVE (1988).

Doug Bradley - Known for his role as "Pinhead" in Clive Barker's HELLRAISER series.

Ken Foree - Horror icon Ken Foree was in attendance for a special presentation of George Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978).

Jim Mickle - Director and Writer Jim Mickle was in attendance for a special advance screening of his Sundance hit, WE ARE WHAT WE ARE (2013).

Meg Foster- Known for her role in John Carpenter's THEY LIVE (1988) and in Rob Zombie's THE LORDS OF SALEM (2012) among many other productions.

Jeffrey Reddick - Writer and Creator of the FINAL DESTINATION series returned as a guest judge.

Dan Myrick - Co-director and writer of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (1999) also returned as a special guest judge of our 2013 festival.

Tiffany Shepis - Scream queen Tiffany Shepis has appeared in many horror films as well as a number of music videos with people like Lil' Zane, Wu Tang Clan, Dexter Holland, Run DMC and Destiny's Child. You can visit her website at

Timothy Quill - Known for his role in Sam Raimi's SPIDERMAN series (2002), ARMY OF DARKNESS (1992) and Bruce Campbell's MY NAME IS BRUCE (2007).

Jonathan Tiersten - Stars as Ricky in the cult classic SLEEPAWAY CAMP (1983) and RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP (2008) among other productions.

The Enigma - Known for his daring live performances and extensive body modification, The Enigma made a special appearance at the 2013 festival. He is a founding member of the Jim Rose Circus and has appeared on The X-Files, Penn & Teller: Bullshit!, and The Gong Show. You can visit his website at

2013 Awards

Audience Award for Best Feature Film - CHEAP THRILLS Directed by E.L. Katz

Audience Award for Best Feature Film - BIG BAD WOLVES Directed by Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado

Best Feature Film - THE SEASONING HOUSE Directed by Paul Hyett

Best Short Film - VIENNA WAITS FOR YOU Directed by Dominik Hartl

Audience Award for Best Short Film - KILLER KART Directed by James Feeney

Audience Award for Best Short Film - GILLESPIE Directed by John Gibson

Best Music Video - DON'T BE AFRAID, IT'S ONLY DEATH by The Widow's Bane

Creative Colorado Competition Winner - KILLER BOARD Directed by Marisa Laus

Best Song - "Satori-C Sad Living in the City feat Time for Trees" by Colin E. Chapman

Best Feature Screenplay - LOCKDOWN by Jeremy McCann

Best Short Screenplay - MEMENTO MORI by Stuart Creque

In 2012

Actor Corey Feldman attends the 2012 Mile High Horror Film Festival.

In 2012, the Mile High Horror Film Festival featured over 50 films from 10 different countries staying true to its mission to showcase the very best independent horror films from around the world.

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The Alamo Mason Park presents The Rocky Horror Picture ...
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