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November 27, 2015

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Time Warp:

  • Gold sequined top hat with black scrunched hatband.
    (A black hairband makes a good stopgap hatband and really dresses up a plain gold hat.) The hatband is a matte grosgrain (narrow vertical ribs) and NOT sequined. There is a (look during throne scene). Hat is lined in black. The sequins run in parallel wavy lines, vertical on the "stovepipe" part of the hat, and running front to back on the top and brim. The brim curves upward on the sides and flares ever so slightly at the top (like a leprechaun hat). Both the top and underside of the brim are sequined. Costume shops may have real sequined top hats or cheap glitter ones you can convert (also check party supply stores). If all else fails, buy a tophat at a formalwear shop and sequin it.
  • Short red wig.
    Part on the left. Nell touched hers up with Crazy Color. You may have to buy a longer wig and trim it. Note that the hair is cut very close at the back of the head, with the hair from the top of the head cut in a blunt cut at the level of about two-thirds of the way down Nell's ears. Practically speaking, if you're wearing a wig, you'll have to keep it longer in back. But make sure the front isn't too long.
  • Gold sequined tailcoat and black sequined, un-notched (shawl) lapels.
    The tailcoat is short in front with swallowtail tails in back. The transition from the front of the jacket to the tails is abrupt, not gradual. Lined in black; no cuffs. The sequins run in wavy parallel lines and have a yellow tone. The sequins on the sleeves flow down vertically from the sleeves (so when her arms are down, the lines are straight up and down). On the front, the sequins flow in downward diagonal lines at about a 30 degree angle down from the horizontal. The undersides of the lapels are fully covered with the sequined material.

    Columbia's Floor Show corsetCover a jacket with sequined material, or make one (look for Uncle Sam costume patterns around Halloween or the Fourth of July). If your jacket has no tails, sew black tails to the jacket and cover with sequined fabric. (Elaine Truver includes a little sketch of how to do this .) There are two black buttons placed horizontally above the tails, and two black plastic buttons placed vertically below the lapels on each side.

  • Pink sequined double bow-tie on a black scrunched elastic strap.
    Bowtie is sequined only on the front, not the back. (Base material is pink.) The band looks sequined, though it's hard to tell.
    When Brad and Janet are being undressed, Columbia wears a:
  • 5 rhinestones on each side; small gold ring in the center. Black leather; buckles in back with a gold buckle.
Remove jacket, tie and hat after Frank exits ballroom to lab. Wear dog collar under bow-tie for quick change. veterinarian near me org veterinarian.

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