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December 20, 2017
Shock Treatment Photos : Rocky

"Not a sequel... not a prequel... but an equal."

Shock Treatment is a 1981 movie musical from the makers of, with many key cast members โ€” but although Brad and Janet are once again major characters (albeit played by different actors), it isn't a direct sequel and few characters aside from them return.Denton ("The Home of Happiness"), the town that the now-married Brad and Janet Majors (Cliff de Young and Jessica Harper) call home, isn't what it used to be. It's now dominated by DTV, a TV station run by fast food mogul Farley Flavors, and most of its residents serve as a permanent audience for its programming. Indeed, the entire movie unfolds within the giant studio. Brad and Janet have lost the passion in their marriage, and when they're chosen to be part of Marriage Maze by kooky host Bert Schnick (Barry Humphries), it doesn't take much convincing for Janet to allow her "emotional cripple" husband to be committed to the asylum/Soap Opera Dentonvale to see if he can't be cured by Doctors (and siblings) Cosmo and Nation McKinley (Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn). Actually, Farley Flavors is manipulating these events from behind the scenes โ€” he is interested in molding Janet into his newest star, and she's easily enticed into forgetting about Brad. The only people who see through the smoke and mirrors of Farley and his crew are Betty Hapschatt (Ruby Wax) and Judge Oliver Wright (Charles Gray), and they set out to find out the truth behind them and reunite the couple before it's too late...The movie was not a success, and the makers were disappointed with how it turned out. It was originally conceived as a direct sequel (Rocky Horror Shows His Heels, which would have involved Dr. Frank-N-Furter being restored to life among other things), but for many, many reasons ranging from Tim Curry not wanting to play Frank again to the 1980 Screen Actors Guild strike, it was gradually transformed into a media spoof that is far removed from the kinky farce of the original. Within the Rocky Horror fanbase it generates mixed reactions, but it does have its own fan club, the presidents of which provided an audio commentary on the 2006 DVD release.
  • Theme Naming: All of Cosmo and Nation's phony last names, which are those of U.S. presidents.
  • Those Wacky Nazis: Bert Schnick. Aside from being an obvious Homage to Dr. Strangelove, he mentions being sent to the Danube as a punishment as well as some Gratuitous German.
Clip of "Shock Treatment" at the Rocky Horror Con
Clip of "Shock Treatment" at the Rocky Horror Con
rocky horror picture show , shock treatment and children
rocky horror picture show , shock treatment and children ...
Rocky Horror/Shock Treatment Q&A
Rocky Horror/Shock Treatment Q&A
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