Rocky Horror Picture Show Wedding

January 14, 2017

TV Weekly MagazineThis year's version will include shoutouts to mark the movie's 40th anniversary and the troupe's 20th-anniversary performance, says Jen Ogle, a 22-year "Rocky" veteran who acts and directs the Out of the Shadows troupe.

"I like to be surprised, so I didn't ask details, " says MC Susan Steffee, a fixture at the Tower, who is returning for her 28th year.

"It wouldn't be 'Rocky' season without Susan, " Ogle says.

Ogle says the troupe rehearses together every weekend, while cast members also commit to watching the movie on their own each week. "We absolutely love what we do, " she says in an email interview. "We are all volunteers, and we do it to make people happy and give them a one-of-a-kind experience. Each show that we do has a different feel according to the crowd, and our improv changes, so you don't get the exact same thing every time."

"Rocky, " a tribute and sendup to B horror movies, tells of innocent young couple Brad and Janet, who become lost in the woods and meet Frank N. Furter and his Tranyslvanian minions. The story was a 1973 British musical before it morphed into the cult classic 1975 film.

For Salt Lake's "Rocky Horror" virgins, be forewarned: Midnight shows and Halloween weekend shows are likely to sell out. Expect long ticket lines. Costumes, of course, are encouraged.

For longtime fans of the Salt Lake City phenomenon, filmmaker Mario DeAngelis is creating "Living with 'Rocky, ' " which premiered at last month's Salt Lake Comic Con. The documentary should be available online soon.

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